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backhand / удар слева, бекхенд, почерк с наклоном влево
имя существительное
удар слева
почерк с наклоном влево
имя прилагательное
нанесенный тыльной стороной руки
backhanded, backhand
ambiguous, equivocal, backhanded, double, forked, backhand
doubtful, dubious, questionable, uncertain, equivocal, backhand
имя существительное
(in tennis and other racket sports) a stroke played with the back of the hand facing in the direction of the stroke, typically starting with the arm crossing the body.
he drove a backhand into the net
handwriting that slopes to the left.
I remember I had to develop a new backhand handwriting to write her letters.
strike with a backhanded blow or stroke.
in a flash, he backhanded Ace across the jaw
She sent her opponent running back with a lunging lob and then dived to put in a backhand angled drop volley.
He's able to return everything that Clay throws at him whether it's a backhand or a forehand groundstroke.
a backhand volley
The man in front of me seemed to strain to turn his head farther around on his neck after receiving a well placed backhand .
But the American hit a forehand into the net, then sent a backhand wide and lost the game.
A backhand down-the-line went past her outstretched racquet, and the script changed.
She blew a second match point with a backhand drop shot that fell short.
A crossed backhand volley in front of the net ended his run at 6-3.
He can roll or slice his backhand , hook his forehand short, or hit it with a mix of pace and top spin that is formidable.
She fell behind right away in the second, 4-in a single hand and 6-before a backhand drop shot got her on the scoreboard.