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backgammon / нарды, триктрак, шашенбеш
имя существительное
имя существительное
a board game in which two players move their pieces around twenty-four triangular points according to the throw of dice, the winner being the first to remove all their pieces from the board.
Also included are checkers and backgammon boards and pieces.
Chess especially was highly favoured and backgammon was second in popularity.
He picked up an elaborately patterned backgammon board in Damascus and a Rajasthani oil light that would originally have been used for hunting.
The whole family took part in draughts, backgammon , and cards (which had been produced in Europe from medieval times).
‘Well, the evening began at the gentleman's club, where we were discussing Wittgenstein over a game of backgammon .’
Something smashed through the room, sending backgammon pieces through the air.
For instance, the rules of backgammon state what to do with cocked dice, premature plays and set-up errors.
They smoke water-pipes, talk, and sometimes play a favorite board game - a Turkish form of backgammon .
‘I loathe crosswords with a passion, and don't play chess or backgammon ,’ says Paul.
Compare backgammon , where first moves for each possible opening dice roll are well-analysed, but there is virtually no opening theory after that.
The aim of the game, as in modern backgammon , is to move all your pieces to your ‘home ground’ and then off the board before your opponent can do so with theirs.