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backer / сторонник, поддерживающий, финансирующий
имя существительное
supporter, advocate, proponent, adherent, believer, backer
имя прилагательное
supporting, sustaining, backer, suspensory
financing, sponsoring, backer
имя существительное
a person, institution, or country that supports something, especially financially.
$3.3 million was provided by the project's backers
financial backer
a struggle to find a new financial backer
‘Our counter-parties are big financial institutions, so it would clearly help to have a big institution as a backer ,’ he said.
The company said that it had folded because it could not find a financial backer as it had been losing more compensation claims than it was winning.
In this way, the backer enters into the traditional role of the gambler and the lawyer enters into the traditional role of the bookmaker.
In the process, the management and its financial backer pocketed a huge profit.
Which major backer would financially support a party that had no chance whatsoever of gaining political power?
It has to be paid for, but we have convinced our advisors and financial backers that this is the way forward.
For the League to enforce its will, it needed the support of its major backers in Europe, Britain and France.
Cancer drugs typically take six to eight years to be approved, which makes it vital to have supportive long-term backers .