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backdrop / задник
имя существительное
backdrop, heel, backcloth, flat, counter, quarter
имя существительное
a painted cloth hung at the back of a theater stage as part of the scenery.
Alex is happy with the Art Alliance and has volunteered to paint some scenery backdrops for them.
provide a background or setting for.
an ornate fountain, and at its center, backdropped with golden spray, a statue of a young girl
the conference took place against a backdrop of increasing diplomatic activity
They survived, but Todd has been forced to work against a backdrop of continuing financial uncertainty.
Already overshadowed by political complexity the elections will also take place against a backdrop of violence.
The building demonstrations come against a backdrop of continued violence in the country.
The patterns on the stage and against the backdrop were beautiful, the movement sensual and relational.
As we come up over a rise, endless cultivated orchards stretch for many kilometres against a backdrop of blue mountain ridges.
Typically, such painting might be placed on a theatre backdrop , or across a large hall or church nave, or on a high ceiling.
This year's event is taking place against a backdrop of Government attempts to promote chess in schools.
I looked at the subject, the old chair, the cloth and the backdrop of the city through the windows behind, and frowned.
Greenland is a country of stark contrasts, where ice and sunshine, greenery and snow are partners against a backdrop of fjords and mountains.