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backbone / позвоночник, основа, суть
имя существительное
spine, backbone, vertebra, chine
warp, basis, base, foundation, framework, backbone
point, core, substance, heart, gist, backbone
имя существительное
the series of vertebrae extending from the skull to the pelvis; the spine.
Both chickens and humans are vertebrates, a group of animals that have skulls and backbones .
the chief support of a system or organization; the mainstay.
these firms are the backbone of our industrial sector
a high-speed, high-capacity digital connection which forms the axis of a local or wide area network.
The first major project completed was the digital backbone network, which spans the entire country since its completion in February this year.
And the system, with few exceptions, still provides the backbone of professional education and development within the Army.
We have enough laws on the books; all we need is the backbone to enforce them.
He gave backbone to the other Democrats in the race.
Health insurers are the backbone of the system, since they pay the bills.
Third, specific interactions between the polar headgroups and chemical groups of the backbone and side chains of the peptide are missing from the model.
Today, an access control system is the backbone of many organizations' total security plan.
Thus, desmosterol can condense lipid bilayers as well as cholesterol in contrast to other sterols with modifications in the sterol backbone of the molecule.
these firms are the backbone of our industrial sector
And maybe we'll have the spine and the backbone to get the job done.
the great Pennine range is the backbone of England