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backbiting / злословие
имя существительное
slander, backbiting, scandal, backbite, obloquy, detraction
имя существительное
malicious talk about someone who is not present.
They never use profane language, bear false witness, engage in slander, gossip or backbiting , or even listen to such debasing talk.
Today, however, it looks more like public politics has entirely sunk to the level of petty personal backbiting , where government ministers can be judged on gossip rather than policy.
But their friendship did not last long as both were backbiting each other on numerous issues.
The girls changed agents, changed publishers, and were, as you might expect, subject to a certain amount of backbiting and jealousy among the writing community.
Many of them have bad or at least petty motives - backbiting , the desire to gossip or trade in information for advantage, revenge.
But people don't know the background of arguments and backbiting that has been going on over the state of the equipment and their refusal to give us concession prices.
It's that world of intrigue, of plotting, spin and backbiting that he will be bringing to life in his new weekly column for the Evening Press that begins tomorrow.
Of course, by the end of the fortnight, this temporary relative calm will have descended into a tense mix of squabbling, resentment and backbiting , as our abject failure dawns on most of us.
I hope he won't let the momentum gained here be drowned in yet more backbiting .
But backbiting by the Opposition leader did not sway the organisers.
there were backbiting accusations among some sections of the press