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backbencher / заднескамеечник, рядовой член парламента
имя существительное
рядовой член парламента
She has sponsored a backbench Bill in Parliament that calls for healthier food in schools.
Right up until 1996, the policy was savaged by frontbench and backbench Labour MPs as an unworkable sham.
I suppose its a problem that arises out of having a government that doesn't enthuse and a backbench opposition with no credibility.
The club had demanded he make the retraction in Parliament after comments made during a backbench debate on social cohesion nearly a fortnight ago.
Thursday's backbench rebellion was a great parliamentary occasion.
I'm not actually part of the Government, just a backbench member of the Parliamentary Labour Party.
Last week two MPs joined forces in the House of Commons to ensure the second reading of a backbench Bill to promote volunteering.
Cabinet resignations, backbench rebellions and increasing public anger are all making life difficult for the government.
Williams met with the backbench committee again last night, but as I write there is no resolution.
There was backbench anger at the Labour-led coalition's shift in February towards a new statutory protection.