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backbench / рядовыми
имя существительное
(in the UK) the benches behind the front benches on either side of the House of Commons, occupied by members of parliament who do not hold office in the government or opposition.
backbench MPs
I can't see why she now expects a role she never wanted any other backbencher to have.
He was afraid of upsetting people who were criticising him,’ said one aggrieved backbencher .
As one prominent Labour backbencher put it: ‘The more you can get these toddlers out of their home into more stimulating environments, the better.’
‘This was a great opportunity to talk about social justice and how we're driving that through every area, making the link to growth,’ says one senior backbencher .
One Labour backbencher said: ‘It was a symbolic vote to mark our discomfort with the bill in principle.