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backache / боль в спине, прострел, боль в пояснице
имя существительное
боль в спине
lumbago, backache, chamber, lumbodynia, pasque-flower
боль в пояснице
имя существительное
a prolonged pain in one's back.
Many women suffer prolonged backache , headaches, tingling and numbness as a result of the injection.
It's so important for me to be able to walk in these as they would not give me anymore backache and improve circulation in my legs.
You get backache from leaning over the table for so long.
More than six million people already look after a relative and research shows almost half of those who care for others will suffer their own health problems, such as depression or backache , as a result.
a cure for backache
The technique is used to help patients suffering from backache , headaches and panic attacks, plus a range of chronic diseases.
Low backache and lower abdomen pain are common complaints and fever may accompany these symptoms.
Rabie was suffering from chronic backache and a friend referred him.
Research also indicates that yoga helps alleviate the discomfort associated with backache , PMS, headaches and arthritis.
I have a backache
This is a practical experience workshop and participants can learn to alleviate backache , tension, etc.