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back-to-back / спина к спине, вплотную, впритык
спина к спине
back to back
close, closely, back to back, hard
back to back, chock-a-block
имя прилагательное
back-to-back homers in a major league baseball game
(of two people) facing in opposite directions with backs touching.
they sat on the ground, leaning back to back
consecutively; in succession.
the games were played back to back
Continuity could be the key as York City look to make it back-to-back victories when they travel to Kidderminster tonight.
It was a back-to-back success for Indonesia, which collected eight gold medals in the inaugural event in Jakarta last year.
It is uncertain whether the back-to-back victories for affirmative action will permanently halt recent trends against the policies.
The last two weeks represent the first time Wales have achieved back-to-back championship victories since 1994.
With so many men out injured, these back-to-back victories for Everton are truly remarkable.
He hit over .400 in the first 14 games he started and belted three-run homers in back-to-back games.
The back-to-back sets to follow are both, in a word, stellar.
Homers in back-to-back games could signal a turnaround.
So far, the change has resulted in improved extra-base power, including back-to-back games with a homer.
The two wooden chairs, shaped like wedges of Swiss cheese with the mandatory holes, stand back-to-back in comfortable affinity.