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babysit / присматривать за ребенком, сидеть с чужими детьми, быть приходящей няней
присматривать за ребенком
babysit, sit in
сидеть с чужими детьми
быть приходящей няней
look after a child or children while the parents are out.
I babysit for my neighbor sometimes
Once the child's parents have asked you to babysit for them, it is a good idea to agree rates of payment at that stage.
We give by baking cookies for a neighbour, offering to babysit for weary parents or spending time with a lonely person.
When Nancy visits friends who have younger children, her teenage daughters babysit so the parents can have a night out.
She used to babysit for neighbours and was quite normal.
He used to come round here and we would babysit for him.
One night, my parents ask Grandpa to come over and babysit while they go see Chuck Berry at the Westbury Music Fair.
I babysit for my neighbour sometimes
I was asked to babysit for the Alatas children and although I wasn't too keen on watching over a toddler, I had accepted.
I babysit for my neighbor sometimes
Much manly back slapping ensued, and I now have a friend's gown in my room which I agreed to babysit whilst he went to the PT.