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babushka / косынка, головной платок
имя существительное
kerchief, neckerchief, babushka, tucker
головной платок
headscarf, kerchief, headcloth, babushka, headsquare
имя существительное
(in Poland and Russia) an old woman or grandmother.
Shouldn't we give up the nervous fingering of the beads of the grandmas and the babushkas ?
What makes these protests potentially more powerful than those of 1998 is that so many Russian families have a pensioner - often a beloved babushka caring for the grandchildren.
The movie opens with a scrupulously framed shot of the peasant woman Ermo, wrapped in her dull yellow babushka , hawking twisted noodles at the outskirts of an unnamed northern Chinese village.
She wears sunglasses and a babushka and smokes cigarettes through a long plastic filter that looks like a pipe stem.
This headcovering is often referred to as a babushka , named after the Russian word for ‘grandmother.’
Although we adored staying with our dedushka and babushka , it was too near our own home for us to be comfortable.
My babushka was called Ceceila, an unusual name in Russia.
Still panting, Ermo slowly removes her babushka and the many layers of her winter clothing, as a perplexed Xiazi looks on passively.
Directly across the car from me, next to an old woman with a gaudy cabbage rose print babushka over thinning white hair, is a young man I cannot take my eyes off of for long.
Grumans serves all the Old World deli favourites, but out of loyalty I have to say that, while the food was great, it was only almost as good as my babushka 's cooking.
I visited one babushka 's home to monitor the use of mobile ballot boxes.