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babel / галдеж, смешение языков
имя существительное
babel, noise
смешение языков
имя существительное
a confused noise, typically that made by a number of voices.
the babel of voices on the road
With songs in Spanish, English, Mayan, and Zapotec, it reflects the babel of voices that is our ever-expanding border region.
This man's message is this, that amidst the babel of voices in our world, there is another word-and the essence of wisdom is to listen to this word.
the babel of voices on the road
Hence the babel of Scottish accents on the UK network.
Said I, when the babel -like din could be tolerated no longer.
Out of the babel of writers' voices offering their services, one dominated, that of Peter Nichols.
Cartoonists fall somewhere between these two: the commentless photographs which bear witness to events; and the babel arising from the pundits.
the babel of voices on the road
What is left is a babel of talk, of contrasting idiolects delineating the diverse characters, again well illustrated by Miola.
He wishes the tower to stand both for the babel of nonsense which comprised the Congressional impeachment hearings and for what he sees as the seven stages of ethical hell into which all participants have plunged.