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azure / лазурный, голубой
имя прилагательное
azure, cerulean, blue, skyey, skiey, sky-blue
blue, azure, homo
имя существительное
azure, sky blue
sky, heaven, palate, blue, roof of the mouth, azure
имя прилагательное
bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky.
white beaches surrounded by azure seas
имя существительное
a bright blue color.
Through the use of bright colours such as azure , burgundy, rose, orange, pink and yellow, the artist has lent life to the subject.
a small butterfly that is typically blue or purplish, with color differences between the sexes.
Tiny blue azures alight in the grass, and cabbage whites hover over the vegetable patch.
Of all the colours in the world, why would you choose azure ?
The sky was a bright, cloudless azure , and the sun was pinned high and motionless and brilliant upon its zenith.
The balconies overlooked the Whitsunday passage, but if you could wrest your gaze from the azure blue reef you were treated to a birdseye view of the hotel spa.
They both had the same device upon the surcoats; it was a Virgin Mary embroidered on a field azure .
It is the same souls that quiver, the same passions that ferment, the same vices that grow, the same straining toward the azure .
You could, of course, try and land your own dinner with a jolly crew on board one of the hire craft that dance across the azure blue seas.
It showed off an azure jewel, encased in silver.
On their way back up the canyon they had stopped on a 6m shelf and watched other divers below them silhouetted against the intense azure blue of the open sea, or the cloudy green of the lagoon.
The sky was a beautiful azure blue, without a cloud in the sky.
It started a day of perfect beauty, light fresh winds and azure blue skies.