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aye / всегда, постоянно
always, ever, anytime, every time, perennially, aye
constantly, always, permanently, forever, perennially, aye
имя существительное
положительный ответ
ay, aye
always or still.
I've aye fancied mysel' as the Gala Queen.
имя существительное
an affirmative answer or assent, especially in voting.
the House was divided: Ayes 211, Noes 271
said to express assent; yes.
aye, you're right about that
all in favour say aye
aye, you're right about that
All in favour of dumping the strawberries say aye .
All those in favour of watching home movies say aye .
Representatives from IBM, Toshiba, Hitachi, Iomega, Microsoft, Phoenix, Absolute Software, and Circuit Assembly voted aye .
I've aye fancied mysel' as the Gala Queen.
Mr. Chairman, 11 members have voted aye , 27 members have voted no.
Speaker Neil Andrew asked those in favour to say aye .
Oh aye , I miss it, but it's the homework I miss most of all.
aye, you're right there