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axiom / аксиома
имя существительное
axiom, fundamental truth
имя существительное
a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
the axiom that supply equals demand
The taller the man, the bigger the hands is an axiom that doesn't necessarily hold true for wide receivers.
It is a well-accepted axiom that the software ‘industry’ grew largely because of government indifference, not its help.
the axiom that supply equals demand
I decline to accept as an axiom that our fate is involved in that of France.
It has long been an axiom that history is re-written by each generation in terms that make sense to it.
In few other areas of the law is there greater truth to the axiom that ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’
It is an axiom that every research establishment is strong to the extent of an unbreakable link existing between different generations.
But at some point, you must reach what one might call a moral axiom that you can't logically demonstrate.
We all know the old axiom that writers are, by their very nature, liars.
Robert Simson of Glasgow University had, in his 1756 edition of the Elements, given a proof of the parallel axiom based on another assumption.