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axial / осевой, по направлению оси
имя прилагательное
axial, axle, pivotal, axled
по направлению оси
имя прилагательное
of, forming, or relating to an axis.
the main axial road
He thought the key to the event had been the arrival of Venus by axial rotation to the opposition of Saturn.
They are enclosed within typical porphyritic granite, which has a gently dipping compositional layering that is parallel to the axial planes of the eye structures.
These folds are usually complicated by parasitic folds and arc characterized by north-dipping axial planes and near-horizontal hinge lines.
In other words keep railways where they belong: on axial routes in large, densely-populated cities.
The protoconch is paucispiral or multispiral, and is smooth except for a few axial riblets near the junction with the teleoconch.
Eurasia is the globe's largest continent and is geopolitically axial .
An axial planting of coral trees, for instance, was employed not to obscure, but to project and accentuate the building's profile.
Somites differentiate into particular axial structures depending on their position along the antero-posterior axis.
The major septa of most species almost reach to the corallite axis, leaving a variably wide axial space free.
The angular momentum lost by the Earth's axial rotation appears in the lunar orbit, the total angular momentum being conserved.