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axes / топор, секира, колун
имя существительное
ax, hatchet, bill, axe
ax, poleaxe, poleax, axe
ax, chopper, axe
cut, reduce, shrink, abbreviate, contract, prune
request, ask, ax, axe
работать топором
ax, wield an axe, axe
имя существительное
a tool typically used for chopping wood, usually a steel blade attached at a right angle to a wooden handle.
John enjoyed the outdoors, gardening, feeding wild turkeys, his dog, sawing and chopping wood with his axe and swede saw.
a musical instrument, especially one played by a jazz or rock musician.
They know how to bang riffs out of their axes well, but it tends to get buried beneath the mediocrity and predictability of their songwriting.
end, cancel, or dismiss suddenly and ruthlessly.
the company is axing 125 jobs
cut or strike with an ax, especially violently or destructively.
the door had been axed by the firefighters
имя существительное
an imaginary line about which a body rotates.
the earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours
a fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates.
the variable that is thought of as a cause is placed on the horizontal axis, and the variable that is thought of as an effect on the vertical axis
a straight central part in a structure to which other parts are connected.
A shaft parallel to the transmission-engine axis connects the transfer casing to the angle drive powering the front wheels.
the second cervical vertebra, below the atlas at the top of the backbone.
The muscle's origin may not ascend above the axis or descend below the third thoracic vertebra.
an agreement or alliance between two or more countries that forms a center for an eventual larger grouping of nations.
the Anglo-American axis