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axeman / лесоруб, воин, вооруженный топором
имя существительное
lumberjack, logger, feller, woodsman, axeman, lumberman
воин, вооруженный топором
We wound our way along pitch-dark corridors and up staircases, as animatronic models of Dracula reared up at us out of coffins without warning and a masked axeman from the horror movie Scream brandished his axe at us.
According to a Reuters report, Robert Plant plans to perform Hendrix's Hey Joe during his set as a tribute to the legendary axeman .
The honorary recorder of York, Judge Paul Hoffman, jailed the axeman for seven years in December.
So there's the famous case of the mad axeman who breaks into your house and is threatening you and is asking where your children are hiding, do you tell the truth?
This may be due to the partial disbanding prior to recording where only Tairrie and her multi-faceted prime axeman Mick Murphy were left to record The Brutal Language.
I admire his bravery - I'd be worried about a mad axeman husband turning up on my door if I got up to all that.
Hidden in a deep valley that is hard to reach, the waterfall was not known to the public until it was found accidentally by a local axeman in the late Song Dynasty.
In the 1950s, axeman and lyricist Klaus Renft formed the Klaus Renft Combo, which channelled Berry, Haley, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the Stones.
There is also an interesting parallel between the two bands; Stones' vocalist Mick Jagger and Rooster's axeman Luck Potashnick both attended the London School of Economics.
He denied he was responsible for the injuries and said a stranger was the axeman in the park.