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awl / шило
имя существительное
awl, bodkin, pricker, bradawl, piercer, prod
имя существительное
a small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather.
Start your screw hole with an awl by tapping gently with a hammer or a soft-face mallet.
Use an awl or a center punch and punch a small hole at the template's center points, then remove the template.
Use the awl to make holes at the pin marks just above the topstitching.
Next using an awl and drill, I drilled holes into their metal where needed.
Make a hole in the template where the knob should be drilled with an awl or nail.
Each side of the Leatherman houses different tools: a bottle opener, small, medium and large screwdrivers, a Phillips head, a file, an awl and a knife blade.
Once the cabinets are marked lightly in pencil, use an awl or a center punch to create an indentation at the desired spot.
Blinded at the age of three in an accident with a sharp awl or knife when he was playing with the tools in his father's workshop, he would never have any memory of being sighted.
The awl cuts a tidy hole in the leather that will close up tight around the thread as it is sewn, leaving a watertight stitch.
One may even hear the description ‘It feels like an awl (knife, screw, etc.) has been driven in and is being twisted.’
Using an awl or heavy needle, poke two holes through the spine of the book to thread the waxed linen through.