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awhile / на некоторое время, ненадолго
на некоторое время
for a short time, awhile
for a short time.
stand here awhile
stand here awhile
Stay awhile amid these paintings to appreciate their graphic realism and intense detail.
stand here awhile
But you stand here awhile , that I may. announce to you the word of God.
If the fight lasts awhile , which it figures to do, Ruiz will land some shots.
If you really, really, like them, you might wait it out awhile to see if they outgrow this annoying phase.
There we got a great welcome, rested awhile while we ate a grand meal prepared by the cook.
So I'm going to savour it awhile and plot some hedonistic scheme to keep me amused.
Soon he is off to a small town on the west coast where he decides to stick around awhile .
We intended to sit awhile in the reception area but found it in virtual darkness.