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awestruck / охваченный благоговейным страхом, охваченный благоговением
имя прилагательное
охваченный благоговейным страхом
awestruck, awestriken
охваченный благоговением
awestruck, awestriken
имя прилагательное
filled with or revealing awe.
people were awestruck by the pictures sent back to earth
He was such an impressive person and I was awestruck when I met him for the first time.
The failure of civil servants was that they regarded him with awestruck reverence.
Even looking at the graphics doesn't instill any sense of awestruck wonder.
The audience, suitably awestruck , could only stare in wonder.
When you first do the space walk you are just utterly awestruck for the first few seconds about how beautiful it is.
I was too awestruck to get any pictures; fortunately, Luke was there to handle it.
He fielded questions about education reform and alcoholism from his visibly awestruck guests.
I have been awestruck by this man for a year now and he just keeps getting better.
When he stopped, it took almost five seconds for the awestruck audience to realise it.
At each home, Bakshi would ask the awestruck man how much he thought his hut was worth.