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awesome / устрашающий, отлично смотрящийся, испытывающий страх
имя прилагательное
awesome, deterrent, redoubtable, horrendous, redoubted
отлично смотрящийся
испытывающий страх
awesome, precious, famously, properly
имя прилагательное
extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
the awesome power of the atomic bomb
It wants to crush any alternatives, and to intimidate the world with its awesome military power.
Last night I had an awesome chat on the phone with Mel, my friend back in Canberra.
The awesome majesty and power of these mountains is breathtaking and I look at them every day.
One feels so helpless, so small in the face of such awesome power being so recklessly cast about.
More than 100,000 spectators were wowed by awesome aerobatics at Clacton Air Show.
If Agathe's delivery matched his pace he would truly be an awesome player.
The birds' mother is also an awesome sight, as she flies onto the nest with a fish in her mouth to feed her young.
What an awesome little idea, that I'm sure will soon get taken up by others.
Nor was there as yet any sign that the arguments had undermined men's belief in the awesome powers of an anointed king.
For the purposes of this review, we will use Paddy's as the archetypal awesome bar.