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away / далеко, прочь, вон
far, away, furthest, farther, way, a long way
away, aside
out, there, away, off, here
имя прилагательное
remote, deleted, removed, away, outlying, abstracted
имя прилагательное
(of a sports competition) played at the opponents' grounds.
tomorrow night's away game at Yankee Stadium
to or at a distance from a particular place, person, or thing.
she landed badly, and crawled away
into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping.
he put away the lawn furniture
constantly, persistently, or continuously.
there was little Edgar crooning away
But a seventh away win of the season at Vale Park will fire them back into the thick of it.
There are continuous attempts to chip away at abortion rights, especially in the US.
we were only 10 metres away from the stage
Prawn trawlers were still continuing to plod away with most of the old problems still there.
The breathtaking colour drains away , and you are left with something insipid at best.
It seems like they are trying to draw attention away from the fact that the accompanying album is actually not very good.
People need be entertained to take their attention away from conflict.
At present, no one can be sure how much of York's heritage is locked away for safe-keeping.
As the Labour cheers died away , he opted for what he hoped would be a measured but lethal attack.
Then there's a scene where Chesty is interrupted by a mobster clicking away in his office.