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awareness / осознание, осведомленность
имя существительное
awareness, realization, perception, knowing
awareness, knowledge, information, conversance, privity, info
имя существительное
knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
we need to raise public awareness of the issue
we need to raise public awareness of the issue
his political awareness developed
a growing environmental awareness
The awareness of death is an invisible attractor that draws me to what is important in my life.
Underpinning this year's congress was a strong current of environmental awareness .
And just as individuals can be depressed, so can whole families, often without their awareness .
we need to raise public awareness of the issue
Let your morality come out of your own awareness rather than out of conditioning.
I've seen more awareness of the outside world, more awareness of Third World issue.
Therapists help children develop self-esteem and awareness , improve their social skills and gain confidence through painting, drawing and self-expression.