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awake / проснуться, пробуждать, пробудиться
wake up, awake
wake, awaken, arouse, awake, waken, excite
awake, be aroused
имя прилагательное
awake, waking, wakeful, sleepless, wide-awake
vigilant, alert, watchful, awake, waking, unsleeping
wary, alert, awake
имя прилагательное
not asleep.
the noise might keep you awake at night
stop sleeping; wake from sleep.
she awoke to find the streets covered in snow
Only a disaster of the most profound magnitude will awake the American people.
James' mother told the inquest her son did not lose consciousness but ‘stayed awake until the end’.
I've been lying awake nights wondering what it all means.
More severely affected children hyperventilate both awake and asleep.
All of these effects are well known and may occur when one's consciousness shifts into a state between being fully asleep and fully awake .
Not that sort of restless, you understand, but rather restless awake rather than asleep.
He knew that, without even looking - which he did anyway - just like he used to know when Spencer was awake or asleep.
I think about the time difference - they're now asleep and won't be awake until I'm asleep.
And suddenly, he heard Kato's voice, light as if not to awake him from a sleep.
As a runner, I have more trouble staying awake than falling asleep at night.