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await / ждать, ожидать, предстоять
wait, wait for, expect, await, watch, stay
expect, anticipate, look forward, await, look for, be waiting
(of a person) wait for (an event).
we await the proposals with impatience
Possibly it will convince me that it is time to get a proper job, settle down and get married and have kids and await my inevitable death.
we await the proposals with impatience
The man appeared before a magistrate and was remanded to Bordelais to await trial.
If we still insist on remaining blind, only worse kinds of defeat will await us in the future.
What adventures await our hero in the post-communist utopia of the Czech Republic?
Cavalry were meant to await a breakthrough before exploiting breaches in enemy lines with a heroic drive forward.
many dangers await them
we await the proposals with impatience
The biggest prizes at the top events await anyone who can conquer their nerves and make the most of the current gap in the market.
Some of the tribunals are still in session, and we don't yet know what nasty shocks await us.