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avuncular / дядин, свойственный дяде
имя прилагательное
свойственный дяде
имя прилагательное
of or relating to an uncle.
We never fully understand, for instance, what goes on inside the head of Melanie's obsessively ship-making brother, Jonathan, or whether Uncle Philip's fascination with the boy goes beyond the avuncular .
of or relating to the relationship between men and their siblings' children.
Towards the end of on uncharacteristically orderly day, the avuncular former dictator once again grabbed center stage, accusing his American captors of mistreatment, beatings, even torture.
An avuncular African doctor had the time to be reassuring and overflowing with human kindness.
They think it's some nice warm country with an avuncular leader who likes baseball and he runs a collective farms.
His friendly avuncular bearded figure was recognised throughout the town.
Flodden also created a Scottish regency crisis in which Henry dusted off the old Edwardian claims to suzerainty and combined them with his own avuncular relationship to James V to claim the regency for his sister.
Despite failure in South Africa Buller never lost popularity with the rank and file and the public: his heavy build and avuncular manner were seen as reflecting ‘the best English type’.
Since he had put the point in a friendly, avuncular way, I asked him about something that had long puzzled me.
The playwright, who at 48 is 15 years Lane's senior, has an avuncular attitude towards the actor, who in turn looks at him with obvious respect.
Outside, a golden sun warms the autumn leaves; inside, he busies himself in avuncular manner, serving tea and ginger cake in his book-lined room.
The avuncular Sam, understanding how much they like each other as well as the ambitions that are driving them both, urges them to be civilized and be nice to each other.