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avocation / призвание, профессия, побочное занятие
имя существительное
vocation, calling, call, mission, avocation
profession, occupation, trade, career, business, avocation
побочное занятие
имя существительное
a hobby or minor occupation.
The first concerns individuals engaged in occupations or avocations in which chasing the spotlight and thriving on the adulation of others are not only appropriate and adaptive but a sine qua non for success.
More than a few antiques dealers start out as indefatigable collectors who make the decision to turn their avocation into a vocation.
Enjoying politics as an avocation is different from caring about the actual political issues.
Even an avocation demands strenuous devotion and fortitude.
they are basically doctors, and negotiators by avocation
From e-mail to Weblogs, the online world opens up avenues to cozy up to experts, make a mark in your avocation or profession, and be viewed, in your own right, as someone who matters.
That natural pastime became a lifelong avocation that has helped recognize and protect many notable trees in his borne county.
And maybe you'll have some energy left over to indulge your avocation until it can become your vocation.
Now, you've studied particularly the writings, the love letters of people who actually write as an avocation .
Not bad for an incidental photographer who took up photography mostly as a necessity rather than an avocation !
The bile directed at us in the column shows a desire to hurt me personally and to make my employer suffer for my avocation .