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aviation / авиация
имя существительное
aviation, aircraft, air force
имя прилагательное
aviation, air, aeronautical, aircraft, aerial, airborne
имя существительное
the flying or operating of aircraft.
the aviation industry
My little part of aviation starts on downwind and ends when you turn off on a taxiway.
the aviation industry
You have to look hard, but Scotland still has a niche in the worldwide civil aviation industry.
So what happened for a helicopter deemed by aviation experts to be one of the safest to just drop out of the sky on a clear July evening?
It is easy to see why wrecks of this nature are attractive to aircraft restorers and aviation museums.
These are only the first steps needed to begin reviving our sick aviation industry.
Police, aviation inspectors and the owners of the aircraft inspect the site of the crash.
The aviation industry is in a constant state of change and the future appears uncertain.
It was one of the most bewildering incidents in aviation history during the Pacific War.
The civil aviation authority has no real powers other than the civil and commercial air-traffic.