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aviate / управлять самолетом, летать
управлять самолетом
aviate, pilot
fly, navigate, aviate, flitter, voyage
pilot or fly in an airplane.
an aircraft that can be aviated without effort
there are fewer opportunities to aviate in winter
The lesson being aviate first and then communicate later.
My adrenaline was so pumped for mission accomplishment, that I failed to properly aviate , navigate, and communicate.
there are fewer opportunities to aviate in winter
She quickly prioritized procedures: aviate , navigate and communicate.
The first commandment of the always-germane rule: aviate , navigate, communicate.
Good crew coordination and flexibility allowed us to handle this minor emergency effectively, without becoming so wrapped up in it that we forgot to aviate .
All aviators are taught to aviate , navigate, communicate, and to prioritize tasks.
From day one, we're told to aviate , navigate, then communicate.
It wasn't until passing through 25 degrees nose high, with airspeed rapidly dropping, that I focused on the priority task of aviating .