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aviary / вольер, вольера, птичник
имя существительное
poultry house, aviary, chicken coop, fowl-run
имя существительное
a large cage, building, or enclosure for keeping birds in.
Adult captive birds were observed in aviaries and zoos in England, Germany, and the USA.
The rest of the exhibition resembled a garden aviary of brightly colored birds.
Where else in town do you see Jack Russell dogs playing in a garden filled with colourful sweetpeas or hear the sweet songs of birds perching in the aviary ?
In the two first experiments, the experimental sparrow was placed in an aviary next to a cage containing either a rabbit or a cat.
As ornamental birds in an aviary or large cage setup, this is true.
Ragunan Zoo was forced to close on Sept.19 after 19 birds in its aviary tested positive with avian influenza.
His neighbour in turn fired off a complaint to the council about the noise made by the large collection of birds in his aviary .
A trial typically started once the experimenter left the aviary and the birds flew down from their perches onto the grid.
After each trial, lights were used again to entice birds back to the roosting aviary .
The birds in the aviary , not to be left behind, revelled in their own little way in quenching their thirst and conquering the heat.
Housing for these birds should be an aviary with dimensions of at least 8 feet by 5 feet by 6 feet.