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avian / птичий
имя прилагательное
avian, bird's
имя прилагательное
of or relating to birds.
avian tuberculosis
имя существительное
a bird.
In describing warblers, as I do so lovingly, one can draw upon words like avifauna, avians , birds, songbirds, beautiful birds, and, of course, warblers.
This recent and exciting discovery is important in understanding avian origins and ancestry.
Some parts seem to be like bird or avian viruses, while other bits are similar to bovine or murine viruses.
Detailed information on spacing behavior of avian nest predators is lacking for my study plots.
There are probably as many bird phylogenies as there are avian taxonomists.
Ostrom introduced the cursorial predator hypothesis of the origin of avian flight.
Ambient temperature is commonly thought to influence avian incubation behavior.
The only bird or avian species we know of is the so-called humble chicken.
For more information, see our new exhibits on vertebrate flight and avian flight.
The unguarded chicks and eggs are easy prey for gulls and other avian predators.
Vocalizations during the breeding season, such as song, are common among males of most avian taxa.