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avert / предотвращать, отводить, отвращать
prevent, avert, preclude, stave off
allot, take, divert, avert, withdraw, lead
turn away, avert, ward off, alienate, forfend, fend off
turn away (one's eyes or thoughts).
she averted her eyes during the more violent scenes
prevent or ward off (an undesirable occurrence).
talks failed to avert a rail strike
Can Africa mount a prevention campaign successful enough to avert an epidemic of Western proportions?
While walking, I instinctively keep my gaze low and avert my eyes from those of men.
I have to avert my eyes after more than a few minutes of Walt Disney.
Inflation fighting and the need to cut government spending will end - to be replaced by trying to avert recession and deflation.
Shara saw Deidre try to avert her eyes, but was drawn to the now complete tattoo.
talks failed to avert a rail strike
We have to avert our eyes from the bombs and fires once in a while to look at the other images of this war.
I did, however, do my part to try to avert the disaster that ended about five years later in divorce.
Dogs are intelligent enough to stay in the shade and avert their eyes from the sun.
After such a demoralizing outing, it would have taken a miracle to avert a catastrophe.