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averse / питающий отвращение, неохотный
имя прилагательное
питающий отвращение
averse, allergic
reluctant, averse, loath, loth
имя прилагательное
having a strong dislike of or opposition to something.
as a former CIA director, he is not averse to secrecy
I also stand to see the value of my property increase, which I'm not averse to.
She does seem like the type who could think up such a thing and I'm sure a publisher wouldn't be averse to the idea.
Come winter though, wombats are not averse to a little basking in the sun.
Besides, this thinking goes, families tend to be overprotective, risk averse and are to be mistrusted.
Strong and aggressive, he is not averse to a bit of shirt pulling and uses his arms effectively to hold off defenders.
He was averse to the consumerist craze of the middle class, which has led to the bankruptcy of capitalist mores.
They are not suitable for risk averse investors on any grounds.
Some will be risk averse , others close to retirement and unwilling to jeopardise their futures.
Even now he is flooded with offers, still he has resolved to keep off since he is averse to writing songs for set tunes.
The steam-baked ada can satisfy those who are averse to sugar and oily items.