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aver / утверждать, доказывать
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, aver
prove, argue, demonstrate, show, establish, aver
имя существительное
nag, jade, hack, crock, screw, aver
рабочая лошадь
workhorse, dobbin, aver
state or assert to be the case.
he averred that he was innocent of the allegations
the defendant does not aver any performance by himself
The defendant will aver that there is no partnership agreement between the claimant and the defendant made either orally or in writing.
You may well have to aver that fact in your information.
‘My fascination for skyscapes has developed subsequently and attempting to catch those natural kaleidoscopic patterns in vibrant rich colours is a humbling experience for me,’ he avers .
‘When I went to the US and the UK for training, I visited hospitals, schools, police stations and other organisations to study their management methods,’ he avers .
In his prologue he avers that the international community faces a period that is ‘uncertain and politically unstable’.
‘Since the Emmys are on ABC, it makes sense for ABC to sponsor the banners,’ he avers .
‘The best way to help animals is not to eat one,’ he avers .
Queries for customised ties have been pouring in, he avers .
September 1973, he avers , was the result of ‘the devastating collapse of the Chilean economy’ and ‘Chile's increasing polarized political environment’.