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avenue / проспект, авеню, аллея
имя существительное
prospectus, avenue, boulevard, circular, catalog, catalogue
alley, avenue, walkway, lane, alleyway, path
имя существительное
a broad road in a town or city, typically having trees at regular intervals along its sides.
tree-lined avenues surround the hotel
a way of approaching a problem or making progress toward something.
three possible avenues of research suggested themselves
Admittedly, anger is an all too human response to frustration; but it's still no avenue to solid achievement.
She appeared completely relaxed as they walked side by side along an undulating avenue bordered on both sides by old buildings of brick and stone.
After going up several blocks on one avenue to reach a street supposedly open, when you had gone up that street to the next avenue , it was shut.
The pagoda is generally approached from the North side along an extended avenue .
The reason is what has been mentioned in this column before that many people go into politics as an avenue of building wealth.
an avenue of limes
Croan House is approached along an avenue lined with lime trees.
Third, a final avenue for possible research is to extend the dataset to incorporate stock returns after the March 2000 stock market correction.
You approach the studios, whose exact location we have been asked not to reveal, along an avenue of cherry trees foaming with blossom.
We are definitely taken for a ride: after driving around three times we are entitled to wonder if we are not on the wrong street / avenue after all.