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avenge / мстить
revenge, avenge, retaliate, take vengeance on, requite, revenge oneself
inflict harm in return for (an injury or wrong done to oneself or another).
his determination to avenge the murder of his brother
Anyway, her death will be avenged by a son of Clytaemnestra, who shall one day avenge his dead father.
they are eager to avenge last year's Super Bowl defeat
An angry and vengeful young teenager wanted the power to avenge a father murdered by Orcs.
Nottingham gave their confidence a real boost with last week's win at Doncaster, who in turn will come to us keen to avenge a hefty home defeat at the start of the season.
In the night Theo is visited by her ghost, who says she was murdered, and he must avenge her and then join her.
he vowed in silent fervour to avenge their murders
Waterloo will be looking to avenge an early season loss to the Golden Hawks.
Having loaned three players to Morley and despite making a very bright start, Otley failed to avenge an early season defeat.
Her brothers sought an opportunity to avenge the wrong that causes men like Ulick to laugh and jest, and women to hide their faces and die.
we must avenge our dead