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avatar / воплощение, реальное воплощение божества
имя существительное
embodiment, incarnation, epitome, personification, personalization, avatar
реальное воплощение божества
имя существительное
a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.
Worship of Vishnu and his various avatars especially Rama and Krishna in a profoundly devotional form is the basis of Vaishnavism.
an icon or figure representing a particular person in computer games, Internet forums, etc..
On a lighter note, that the ghetto has become a contended space can be finally demonstrated by a look at its virtual avatars in cyberspace.
In terms of self-representation, the homepage is like a statue carved out of marble labelled carefully at the bottom where the weblog is like an avatar in cyberspace that we wear like a skin.
Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana was another major avatar of Vishnu, incarnated in order to rid the world of the demon Ravana.
In these places, one picks an avatar (a graphic representation of the self), navigates visually depicted environments, and chats with other individuals.
Constantly trying to make sense out of an incomplete picture, the private eye is an imperfect avatar , always a few clues short of the whole story.
he chose John Stuart Mill as the avatar of the liberal view
He was named Time magazine's ‘Person of the Year,’ the avatar of the stricken city.
The date 1920 was perhaps a reference point for the book as it was around then that the earliest avatar of the Indian Institute of Architects; modelled on its counterparts in Europe; was started.
Some concern has risen on the forums related to the avatar , its graphics quality and how it moved.
Not that she is complaining about the quantity of time she's spent playing in this uber-popular comedy or thinks she's sharing even the tiniest bit of her stage avatar 's personal rut.
Watching a computer-generated avatar steal cars and run over pedestrians is an odd accompaniment to the mood-massaging music, but undoubtedly an entertaining one.