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avant-garde / авангард, авангардизм
имя существительное
vanguard, van, advanced guard, avant-garde, advance-guard
имя прилагательное
принадлежащий к авангарду
имя существительное
new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.
works by artists of the Russian avant-garde
имя прилагательное
favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas.
a controversial avant-garde composer
The rather scattered approach turns what could have been a compelling, avant-garde look into the ideas of a great thinker into a rather uneven experience.
It is set at the intersections of the literary avant-garde , visual and concrete poetry, text-based electronic installation art, net art and software art.
This is the American theatre and opera director - weaned on the avant-garde , marinated in the aesthetics of southeast Asia - who became famous working with Disney on The Lion King.
Or one can question whether the cool, objectivizing aesthetic of the avant-garde ever really was.
The film is about an avant-garde composer in the last century, and as you might expect, it's filled with his music.
I will inaugurate this study with a broad introduction to avant-garde film practice.
The late avant-garde composer John Cage is in the news again.
The post-modernist movement challenged the Modernist notion of the avant-garde .
The theater has a reputation for producing experimental, avant-garde plays, many of them controversial.
A passionate advocate for the avant-garde in both literature and film, B.S. Johnson gained notoriety for his forthright views on the future of the novel and for his idiosyncratic ways of putting them into practice.