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avalanche / лавина, обвал, поток
имя существительное
avalanche, billow, deluge, snowslip, gush, snowslide
collapse, landslide, avalanche, failure, landfall, landslip
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, avalanche
имя существительное
a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.
During interglacial periods the steep, unstable U-shaped valley sides are subject to mass movements such as rock falls and large rock avalanches .
a sudden arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities.
we have had an avalanche of applications
a cumulative process in which a fast-moving ion or electron generates further ions and electrons by collision.
These very intense fields in very low-pressure conditions generate an avalanche of electrons on to metals that can become destructive and cause losses in heavy investment.
(of a mass of snow, ice, and rocks) descend rapidly down a mountainside.
The snow had recently avalanched , so only surface hoar is thawing.
undergo a rapid increase in conductivity due to an avalanche process.
Some of the avalanched electrons will travel through the thin oxide of the diode region.
The core of the intelligence business is not gathering information but collating it: finding meaningful patterns in an unending avalanche of data.
There have been reports where this dog will change direction or position for no apparent reason, seconds before an avalanche of ice and snow come hurtling down a mountainside.
an avalanche of mud
The entire northern flank of the mountain collapses and falls as an avalanche lowering the height of the mountain by 1,500 feet.
Suddenly there was an avalanche of theories designed to explain the rise in crime that had previously been denied.
The team confirms that the slide was the result of a snow avalanche from a ridge top, which triggered both a flood and debris flow.
An avalanche roaring down a mountainside may seem to be wildly out of control, but actually it is governed by certain equations.
First of all, we suddenly got an avalanche of speculation: Were these suicide bombers?
an avalanche of mud
In Walhalla, an old gold-mining town in a narrow valley, disaster struck on the Tuesday night as an avalanche of water, rocks, silt and logs swept down over the town.