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available / доступный, имеющийся, налицо
имя прилагательное
available, accessible, approachable, patent, open, obtainable
available, existing, in existence
имя прилагательное
able to be used or obtained; at someone's disposal.
refreshments will be available all afternoon
is she available?
Whether such financial help will be available to Edinburgh to restore the site is unlikely.
Entrants should indicate if they will be available to travel to Westport in the event of winning.
There are no records available to show whether other mice have lived as long.
It is unclear how many Muslim teachers work in Scotland and would be available to run such schools.
They were quite willing to sit down and talk to us and even gave the council dates when they were available .
the land is available for purchase
All this was done at a time when staff were available and the word redundant was unknown.
There is one burning question that most women over the age of 35 discuss all the time - where on earth are all the interesting and available men?
he wasn't available for interview