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avail / выгода, польза
имя существительное
benefit, profit, advantage, gain, avail, catch
use, favor, benefit, good, advantage, avail
быть полезным
be of use, be of service, serve, profit, bestead, avail
быть выгодным
pay, avail
use or take advantage of (an opportunity or available resource).
my daughter did not avail herself of my advice
help or benefit.
no amount of struggle availed Charles
my daughter did not avail herself of my advice
If such action be tainted over much by self-interest it probably will not avail the accused.
my daughter did not avail herself of my advice
the dark and narrow hiding place did not avail to save the fugitives
he begged her to reconsider, but to no avail
Of course, none of this careful planning avails me in the slightest if I don't manage to actually write anything.
There is a nature trail in the community near my home, which I avail myself of at every opportunity.
I would urge as many people as possible to avail themselves of the opportunity to sign the petition to ensure that a strongly supported message is sent to Canberra.
After the refreshments, the general public were admitted to the field with between 5,000 and 6,000 availing themselves of the opportunity of being present.
This time around, Daffy seems to realize he's losing the game, but all of his extra caution avails him naught.