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autumnal / осенний, созревающий осенью, цветущий осенью
имя прилагательное
autumn, autumnal
созревающий осенью
цветущий осенью
имя существительное
на закате жизни
имя прилагательное
of, characteristic of, or occurring in autumn.
chilly autumnal weather
The time lost in reorganizing the Allied forces brought heavy autumnal rain which swelled their waters.
Certainly no American film could make an autumnal romance seem this warm and inviting - and normal.
There's something quite magical about autumnal afternoons with the curtains open and the twilight encroaching.
The woods of rural Ohio are bursting with autumnal hues of rust.
Melbourne looked autumnal - a sudden shower, and dead leaves blowing around the streets.
This evening I'm rediscovering the autumnal pleasure of surfing the internet with my stockinged feet jammed against a hot radiator.
Last year's transition from winter to summer soccer meant that most of the matches actually took place in autumnal conditions.
A band of cloud could bring some light rainfall on Saturday night, but there were signs that next week will bring more usual autumnal weather.
Pleasant autumnal vistas do have their limits, though.
When do we start getting the usual autumnal miserable weather?