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autopsy / вскрытие, вскрытие трупа, аутопсия
имя существительное
opening, autopsy, dissection, removal
вскрытие трупа
autopsy, necropsy, post-mortem, necroscopy, post-mortem examination
autopsy, necropsy, necroscopy, post-mortem
имя существительное
a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease.
an autopsy report
perform a postmortem examination on (a body or organ).
an autopsied brain
The county coroner carried out an autopsy and his verdict on the cause of death was given in January of this year.
The autopsy has contributed to the discovery of new or unrecognized diseases and will continue to do so.
All fatal cases have been confirmed by medical records, autopsy report, or death certificate.
He rejected speculation that a way of killing that could not be detected in an autopsy had already been discovered.
There are two basic kinds of autopsy: the forensic autopsy and the medical autopsy .
At autopsy the adrenal glands often show hemorrhagic necrosis, an example of which is seen here.
on autopsy it was established that he had suffered from a rare brain condition
Police have not released the cause of death although an autopsy was completed Wednesday.
The autopsy found that death was due to cerebral and pulmonary oedema.
To discuss the events at the death scene and closely examine the autopsy report is distressing to the families.