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autopilot / автопилот
имя существительное
autopilot, automatic pilot, robot pilot, gyropilot, George
The autopilot helps fly the airplane while the pilots run the appropriate checklists.
For one thing, during their morning and evening commutes, people switch on a kind of autopilot .
The musicians seem to have set their instruments on autopilot and taken the day off.
The only sleep he managed to get was some short naps while on autopilot .
He engaged the autopilot and glanced at Carly, who sat quietly in the copilot seat.
On autopilot , I picked up my dress with my free hand and began walking with Andrew.
If a plane deviates from its flight path, the autopilot would take over and bring the plane back on course.
She switched onto autopilot as the woman showed her the dress and the shoes.
He got to his feet as quickly as he could, staggered then made his way to the console and tried to turn off the autopilot .
The autopilot can fly an airplane once in the air and land it, but it cannot be used during takeoff.