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autonomy / автономия, самоуправление, автономная область
имя существительное
autonomy, home rule
autonomy, home rule, self-rule, self-government, self-governing
автономная область
имя существительное
(of a country or region) the right or condition of self-government, especially in a particular sphere.
Tatarstan demanded greater autonomy within the Russian Federation
It first took up arms in 1949 to demand autonomy from the military government.
The central government has said it is prepared to give the province autonomy within a federal system.
For their part, the latter have signalled their readiness to drop their previous threat to split off from the rest of the country and abandon plans for a referendum on autonomy .
This section began with a question about the relations among Kantian views of autonomy , rationality, and agential separateness.
We might wish to have individual autonomy and to be independent of the world we find ourselves in, but this is not in any way realistic.
economic autonomy is still a long way off for many women
Tatarstan demanded greater autonomy within the Russian Federation
The biographer would enjoy no autonomy or independence whatsoever.
How can physicians best promote the autonomy of minors while respecting parental autonomy ?
For its part, the government has proposed constitutional changes to give limited autonomy to the north and east.