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automobile / автомобиль, автомашина
имя существительное
car, vehicle, automobile, auto, motor car, motor vehicle
car, motor, automobile, machine, auto
имя прилагательное
automotive, automobile, motor, vehicular, motor car's, car's
automotive, automobile, locomobile, self-propelled
имя существительное
a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine or electric motor and able to carry a small number of people.
The internal combustion automobile is one of the biggest engines of personal liberty ever created, right up there with the firearm.
The small, bouncy automobile bumped over stones and sticks along the dirt road.
All major automobile makers have played a part in glamourizing these vehicles.
So saying, he walked around to the front of the car and turned the crank until the automobile 's engine roared to life.
The three most expensive parts of an automobile are the body, the engine and the transmission.
Carmakers will not be able to cut automobile prices and will do so only at the cost of squeezing their own margins.
Compare these advances to those in the automobile or electrical power industries.
In this position he undertook to construct roads suitable for the automobile era.
Three months later Susie was killed by an automobile on the road in front of her home.
So why is it taking so long for the fuel cell to become a source of power for the automobile ?
Fuel cells are then stacked to produce enough electricity to power an automobile .