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autograph / автограф, оригинал рукописи
имя существительное
autograph, signature
оригинал рукописи
давать автограф
надписывать автограф
имя существительное
a signature, especially that of a celebrity written as a memento for an admirer.
fans surged around the car asking for autographs
a manuscript or musical score in the author's or musician's own handwriting.
The Cainan difference is not an error in the original autographs of Scripture, but one of the extremely few copyist's errors in the manuscripts available today.
(of a celebrity) write one's signature on (something); sign.
the whole team autographed a shirt for him
имя прилагательное
written in the author's own handwriting.
an autograph manuscript
According to experts, an autograph of a famous person on a share certificate can greatly enhance its value.
Both the melody and the four-part harmonisation are printed as facsimile reproductions of the composer's autograph manuscript.
It entered the gallery under a false provenance and for a short time in the nineteenth century was regarded as autograph .
The surviving drawings related to these prints are held to be autograph by contemporary Bruegel scholars.
For the first time, we have detailed studies of all of Purcell's autograph manuscripts, together with surveys of the important secondary sources.
Historically, sketches have been autograph manuscripts, but today a sketch of an electronic work might be in the form of a tape, or notation might be realized in a computer notation program, and so on.
When there is news of a show, fans will find out where the band is staying and try to book rooms in the hotel in the hope they can at least get a glimpse of the celebrity, talk to them or get their autograph .
he gave me his autograph
Some 800 autograph letters survive, perhaps a year's effort for the mature Stanford.
The original Italian version has recently come to light, discovered in an autograph manuscript held in the Vatican Library.