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autocrat / самодержец, автократ, деспот
имя существительное
autocrat, tsar, czar, Caesar, tzar
despot, tyrant, autocrat, czar, tsar, tzar
имя существительное
a ruler who has absolute power.
And he was, if you like, an absolute autocrat , a ruler.
Harvey totally looked and acted the role of bureaucratic autocrat .
They established a framework for a strongly authoritarian government and placed no limitations on the powers of the autocrat .
On the other hand, if it all goes wrong, he might turn out to be just one more erratic autocrat relying on nationalist rhetoric and the spoils system to stay in power.
The ageing autocrat obviously intended to remain in power at any cost and by any means.
Like every autocrat who has ever seized power, she insisted that she had no alternative but to sack a corrupt and treacherous government.
An autocrat like Genghis Khan who imposes his will on others, without any reference to principles, does not operate in the realm of justice.
And he was, if you like, an absolute autocrat , a ruler.
Peace required a deeply conservative political order, built on a single party, run by a paternal autocrat .
The rights of individuals are no longer inalienable, nor are their persons inviolable; all depends on the good will of the Commander, the military autocrat .
It has been suggested so far that the more popular or media-centred depiction of the prime minister as an autocrat may be more of a caricature than an accurate portrait.